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Art Workshop: Mark Anthony

Greens and Blues

Service Description

⚠ 活動時間已由原定 3/30 改為 4/21(五)8pm ⚠ The event has been rescheduled from 3/230 to 4/21 (Friday) at 8pm. Greenscreen has vastly constructed our visual culture, anything from CGI to Tiktok, AI drawing, metaverse, movies, and advertisements. Within the "artificial green"We find "nature" that is more lush and green than the one in the real world. Meanwhile, the "hyperlinks" on the Internet act as a time machine. It instantly incorporating the language barriers and spatial distances of the real world, creating intimate connections for people between multidimensional time and spaces. Mark Anthony is a researcher, multimedia artist, and writer at MIT. They will lead workshop participants to reflect on existing digital infrastructure and our relationships with digital media after the pandemic. 📝 What you will need: After reflecting on a particular relationship of yours, choose: ✅ Five (5) images (screenshots, photographs, etc.) gathered from your interactions from this relationship that speak to its significance. ✅ Five (5) sentences written by hand to describe each image from above. 📣 Please add your files to the Chanel before the workshop 📣 For further inspiration, see Semine Long Callesen’s Garden Blues. 📝 Suggested reading: 🔘 Mindy Seu, On Gathering, 2020 🔘 Ville-Matias "Viznut" Heikkilä, Permacomputing (Section 3), 2020 --- 📣 活動將以英語進行。 「電腦合成影像」充斥於 Tiktok、AI 繪圖、元宇宙、電影、廣告等等媒介,人類生活在這一大片「人造綠幕」裏,搭建我們的日常視覺文化。在其中,我們甚至可以發現一個個比現實世界中還要茂盛鮮綠的「自然」。 於此之際,網際網路上那自動轉藍配上底線的「超連結」,則如時光機,將現實世界的語言隔閡、空間距離,瞬時收納,為多維度時空間的人們產生親密連結。 現於麻省理工學院的研究者、多媒體藝術家與寫作者馬克・安東尼(Mark Anthony),將帶領工作坊的參與者,反思現有的數位基礎建設,並於疫情後,照顧我們與各媒介的關係。 本工作坊將與邀請參與者一同「造園」:一起緩慢灌溉、照護數位世界裡「人與人」「人與數位物件」「人與自己」的關係、一同探索、擾亂數位世界裡,投射出來的「真實」。 📝 工作坊所需物品 🔘 在反思自己的某一段關係之後, ✅ 挑選五張足以表達您與此關係互動的圖片(截圖、照片等)並說說它的意義。 ✅ 為每張圖片,以手寫的方式寫下五個描述句子。 📣 請在工作坊開始之前,將您的檔案上傳至 Chanel 📣 如需更多靈感,請參閱 Semine Long Callesen 的《綠與藍》。 📝 建議閱讀 🔘 Mindy Seu, On Gathering, 2020 🔘 Ville-Matias "Viznut" Heikkilä, Permacomputing (Section 3), 2020

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