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Want to participate in more Sensefield 2023 activities?

Sensefield provides four participation plans:

  • Single Workshop

    • Price: NTD 300 (USD 10). You can participate a art workshop or exper expert clinic within one month after purchase.

  • 3 Session Package

    • Price: NTD 850 (USD 30). You can participate in any three events within two months after purchase.

  • Tinyverse Membership

    • Price: NTD 1200 (USD 40). There is no expiration date, and after purchase, you can participate in all activities on the Tinyverse website for an unlimited number of times, including current ongoing activities and future exhibitions.

    • Members will be able to curate their own exhibitions in the future.

  • Apply to be a Sensefield fellowship

    • Submit an application before 3/8 to become one of the Sensefield fellow. If you are awarded the fellowship, you may have free access to the whole program.

The currently scheduled activities include 6 artist workshops and 3 expert clinic sessions. (See full programme)


Choose your participation plan

  • Single Workshop

    Access to one art workshop or expert clinic.
    Valid for one month
    • Access to one art workshop or expert clinic.
    • Valid for 30 days

    Tinyverse Membership

    Access to unlimited workshops, clinic and future events.
    • Access to unlimited art workshop or expert clinic.
    • Access to unlimited future exhibition on the Tinyverse site.
    • Free access to video recordings of all online events.
    • No expiration date (Unless specified otherwise by organizer)
  • 3 Session Package

    Up for three art workshops or expert clinics.
    Valid for 2 months
    • Access to three art workshops or expert clinics
    • Valid for 60 days
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