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4/11 Art Workshop: Yenting Hsu

Listen, Document, and Create Soundscapes

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✅ Yenting HSU Art Workshop: Listen, Document, and Create Soundscapes This workshop invites you to listen to your surroundings, and document sounds with drawing, text or portable recording equipment. We’ll try to re-create soundscapes with drawing and text together in the workshop. 📝 Pre-task: Recording sound: Choose a listening spot in your surrounding environment, preferably somewhere outdoors. Draw a large circle on a piece of paper and stand in the center of the circle. Begin to listen to the sounds around you and record them within the circle, based on their direction and distance from you. The boundary of the circle is the farthest distance at which you can hear. If sound had a shape or color, what would it look like? Before the workshop begins, listen to the six sound files we provide with headphones and try to draw or describe these sounds. ✅ Yenting HSU (Sound artist and composer) Using sound as the primary creation medium, Yenting Hsu investigates the cultural context and texture of sounds. Her works often reflect the relationship between sounds, environment, individual and/or collective memories and emotions. Interweaving field recordings with electronic sounds and objects, Hsu keeps exploring and experimenting documentary and fiction / narrative and imaginary elements of recorded sounds. Mixing with other art mediums and artistic disciplines, Hsu creates installations, performances, audio documentaries, electroacoustic music, and more. She also collaborates with dance theaters and films as a sound designer/composer. 📣 All activities will be conducted in English with Chinese simultaneous interpretation. --- 📣 所有活動將以英語進行,並輔以中文同步口譯。 ✅ 許雁婷藝術工作坊:「聆聽、紀錄與創造聲音風景」 這個工作坊邀請大家聆聽生活周遭的聲音,以繪圖、文字、隨身錄音設備等方式紀錄聲音,並一起嘗試以圖像及文字再創造聲音風景。 📝 會前問卷調查: 紀錄聲音:在自己生活周遭環境中選擇一個聆聽的地點,最好是戶外的某個地方。在紙上畫一個大圓,選定站立的點後,以自己為圓中心,開始聆聽周遭有什麼聲音,並依據聲音的方向、遠近距離,將聽到的聲音記錄在這個圓之中。圓的邊界就是你能聆聽到的最遠處。聲音如果有形狀、有顏色,會是什麼樣子? 在工作坊開始前,先用耳機聽聽我們提供的六個聲音檔案,試著畫下或描述這些聲音。 ✅ 許雁婷聲(音藝術家與作曲家) 以聲音為主要創作媒材,關注聲音蘊涵的文化脈絡與紋理,作品常映照聲音與環境、個人/ 集體記憶或內在情緒的關係。交織田野錄音、電子和物件聲響,其探索常擺盪在錄音聲音的紀錄及虛構、敘事及想像特質間;亦時常混融其他媒材及藝術領域創作,以裝置、表演、聲音紀錄片、電子原音音樂等形式呈現。另也從事舞蹈劇場及影像聲音設計、配樂。 作品曾於台北國際藝術村、台北市立美術館、台東美術館、成龍濕地國際環境藝術節、台北國際紀錄片影展、日惹紀錄片影展、日本富山玻璃藝術博物館、伯斯當代藝術中心PICA、法國Arte Radio、失聲祭、混種現場、澳洲液態建築(Liquid Architecture)、台北藝術節《噪集》(2018 Asian Meeting Festival )、臺灣聲響實驗室等展演。

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