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Blacksmith Project

--- 01:08 ---
We used to live on Chengde Road. When it rained, the flooding would come to the first floor. The houses used to have high ceilings, and the Buddha table was floating up. The kids were sitting in the aluminum bath tub, and our dads pushed us to the Minsheng Movie Theater at the entrance of the alley, which is now a convenience store 7-11, and that used to have second floors. When the flooding filled the first floor, we fled on the second floor.

--- 01:41 ---
In the past, apartments houses were rare. A three-story house was considered very high. During the flooding of a severe typhoon in 1959, my mom took me to someone else's house on the second floor to hide. When we went out from the house, I was put in a bucket like boating to run away. In the past, it was more humane.

--- 02:13 ---
In the past, there were big ditches. The road was narrow, and ditches were much wider. If you didn't fall down when you're little, you wouldn't grow up. When it rained, the road was so slippy that you could easily fall down. It's not deep, usually it's about knee deep. It’s full when typhoons came.

--- 02:54 ---
About 50 or 60 years ago, there was no China Steer Corp at that time, and many steel plates from Kaohsiung shipbreaking industry were transported to Chengde Road. And on this road you could also find automatic control switches, oil seals and bearings. About 40 to 50 years ago, Chengde Road was widened and many stores on Chengde Road were relocated to Xingcheng Street, which used to be called Guisui Street.

--- 03:31 ---
Chengde Road was narrow in the past. It was only gradually widened in the 1960's. There were big ditches on both sides, leading to the Danshui River.

--- 04:44 ---
There was a trader importing two argon welding machines from Japan. They wanted to sell one of them to me for 80,000 NTD. The man said it’s okay for  me to pay them during one year. If I said yes, he could bring it to me and put a sign "All Powerful No. 7" in front of my store next week. My store was the first one having argon welding machine in Taipei! I was very famous, and got many work opportunities. It was in 1970s, I was in my early thirties, and I am 81 years old now.

--- 06:50 ---
All machines need gears. In Taiwan, I am the first one to produce motorcycle gears. Production, not only manufacturing.

--- 07:24 ---
All equipment and parts need lathes to turn. The iron can be turned to make different shapes, and we can also turn things like metal nut (screw) thread.

--- 08:10 ---
Can you see how it works?

--- 08:27 ---
They told me that when this industry was so good, Xingcheng Street was so full of cars that cars could barely get through.

When was it? 

Before the 1990s.

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