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4/6 Art Workshop: Eliana Otta

Co-creating Fertilizing Mourning

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The workshop will introduce the participants into the intuitions, concerns and references that led me to conceive Fertilizing Mourning as a concept in the making, which needs of others to become a practice. After a brief talk, I’ll share fragments of a manifesto I wrote, proposing a writing exercise for people to connect the subject with their own experiences and views. After a short break, we’ll discuss if we need to know someone personally to feel their loss as ours. We’ll write about an unknown person whose loss affected us and create flowers which do not exist to make a collective commemorative garden for them. 📝 The Workshop Pre-task: Please read the shared text "Manifesto: Fertilizing mourning – Global South’s offering to a world in flames" (PDF link: and choose a paragraph which connects with your interests, concerns, a personal experience, or that brings a question to you. Please have at hand that day blank papers and markers of different colors. ✅ Eliana Otta is a Peruvian artist living in Europe, creating situations where intimacy, curiosity and vulnerability can be shared. Growing up in a postcolonial context and her current migrant experience inform her approach to art as a realm to build up communities and rehearse other possible worlds. She proposes exercises, gatherings and rituals which foster a deep engagement with the present moment and its physicality, to collectively question words and conventions, connect ideas with movement and explore affect through orality and gestures. She invites accomplices to craft playful and trusting spaces, welcoming emotions which tend to be enclosure to the individual sphere, to explore common concerns and intuitions. --- 📣 活動將以英語進行。 ✅ 艾蓮娜・奧托藝術工作坊:「為哀悼一同創造與施肥」 本次工作訪將為參與者們介紹《避難所》的緣起,包含我所有的直覺、考量,與參考資料,如何將《避難所》構想為一種成形中的概念,並且是需要他人的參與才能實現的一種實踐。在簡短的介紹後,我將節選分享我所撰寫的一份宣言,延伸提出一份寫作練習,讓參與者將能自身經歷和觀點聯繫起來。 中場休息後,我們會探討人類是否一定需要親自認識某人,才能真正深刻地同理他們的失去。我們將書寫一位未知的人,試想他的失去因為某種緣故改變了我們。讓我們為他創造一束不存在的花朵,為他們種下一座集體的紀念花園。 📝 參與前的作業: 請閱讀指定的文章 "Manifesto: Fertilizing mourning – Global South’s offering to a world in flames" (PDF link:,並從中挑選一個段落,能夠呼應你自己的興趣、煩惱、個人經驗;或者,能夠引發一個疑問。工作坊當天,請將文字段落備好於手邊,並準備白紙以及不同顏色的馬克筆。 ✅ 艾莉安娜・奧塔是一位現居歐洲的秘魯藝術家,她的創作營造各式情境,讓人們能夠分享彼此的親密感,好奇心與脆弱。後殖民環境下的成長背景、以及現在生活中的移民經歷,都促使她將藝術視為一個場域,並可在其中建構社群、演練其他可能的世界。她的作品採取練習、集會,與儀式的形式,促進人們與當下、實體之間更深層的互動;她的作品對文字和習俗提出質疑、將思想與動作相互連結,並透過肢體動作和口述語言來探究情動。Otta 在觀眾裡尋找著創作的同謀,邀請大家和她一同創造有趣且令人安心的空間,迎接那些往往被封閉在個人領域的情緒,探索每個人共同的憂慮與直覺。

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