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"We are sons of the father of all the rivers"

Drawings made after visiting the Indigenous Communities Nuevo Amanecer, Puerto Nuevo, Unipacuyacu and Sinchi Ropa. They depict the communal terrirories, animals, plants and ways of living of the people threatened by extractivist industries and narcotraffic.

// Artist //

Eliana Otta is a Peruvian artist living in Europe, creating situations where intimacy, curiosity and vulnerability can be shared. Growing up in a postcolonial context and her current migrant experience inform her approach to art as a realm to build up communities and rehearse other possible worlds. She proposes exercises, gatherings and rituals which foster a deep engagement with the present moment and its physicality, to collectively question words and conventions, connect ideas with movement and explore affect through orality and gestures. She invites accomplices to craft playful and trusting spaces, welcoming emotions which tend to be enclosure to the individual sphere, to explore common concerns and intuitions.


She has a Master in Cultural Studies and recently graduated from the Phd in Practice Program at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna with the project Lost and Shared: A laboratory for collective mourning towards affective and transformative politics. She has exhibited her work in individual and collective exhibitions in cities such as: Athens, Barcelona, Cali, Cusco, Madrid, New York, London, Vienna. She has participated in residencies such as: Gapado AiR, Capacete, Sommerakademie im ZPK. She co-founded the artists run space Bisagra in Lima, the collective Mouries in Athens and coordinated the curatorial team that made the permanent exhibition at Lugar de la Memoria, Lima.


Shansho / Unipacuyacu

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  • 2020-2022

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