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Mark Anthony Hernandez Motaghy


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Cambridge, Massachusetts


Mark A Hernandez Motaghy is an artist and cultural worker. They live in the occupied territory of the Naumkeag, Pawtucket, and Massachusett tribe. Operating with mediums such as experimental video, as well as installation, books, and oral histories, Mark's current practice explores sites of commoning, care-based economies, and sociotechnical imaginaries.  They were previously a designer and researcher at The Poetic Justice Group at MIT Media Lab, where Mark investigated decentralized story-telling models and community-driven sculptures. In addition, Mark published the book Rehearsing Solidarity: Learning from Mutual Aid in collaboration with Crown Heights Mutual Aid (CHMA) and Mutual Aid Medford and Somerville (MAMAS). The book documents how these groups assembled for the COVID-19 crisis and what it meant to sustainably reassemble for the ongoing capitalist crisis.

Published Artworks
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