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COVID Timeline
Echoes of COVID: Stories Braiding Past to Future

Digital Webpage

The Healing Histories Project is a network of abolitionist healers/health practitioners, community organizers, researchers/historians & cultural workers building solidarity to interrupt the medical industrial complex and harmful systems of care. We generate change through research, action and building collaborative strategies & stories with BIPOC-led communities, institutions and movements organizing for dignified collective care. The Healing Histories Project works to transform the root causes of generational abuse, harm and exploitation of our collective land, bodies, spirit and the economies that connect them. Covid Timeline as part of the Healing Histories Project, when we first began to work on this COVID timeline, we were early in the pandemic. We wanted to build something tracking the terrifying and unsurprising evidence that shows the continued shaping of healthcare by racism and white supremacy, ableism, and more. We gathered the stories and then, when we were ready, we merged the content we had gathered, the stories of real people that is called data, onto the timeline software and put it up on the website. By the time we did this, we already had too much information but the story is not yet complete. We will continue to update the timeline even as we live it.

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