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H O L D   O N   F O R   D E A R   L I F E

{sensefield_biennale_2023 : relationships in uncertain times}

Advisory Board

DJ Hatfield

Gabriele de Seta

Kerim Friedman

Teri Silvio

Featured Artists

Cara Page

Eliana Otta

Mark Anthony

Pei-Ying Lin

Susan Ruffo

Tzu-Tung Lee

Yenting Hsu


Tzu-Tung Lee

Eliana Ritts

Raku Lee

Yachu Yang

Andrew Lin

Yu-Chen Lai

Audiences welcome, and be warned: this exhibit will challenge you. Hold on for Dear Life: Relationships in Uncertain Times asks: What do we hold on to when our worlds are in flux? Between the COVID-19 pandemic, mounting geopolitical crises, and ongoing climate destruction, the future seems increasingly unstable. With so much out of our control it can be tempting to cut ties, turn inwards, and rely only on ourselves. This exhibition challenges this. We propose that in times of great uncertainty, it is our relationships – with ourselves, with human and non-human others, and with the landscapes and temporalities we inhabit – that will enable us to adapt and survive. Sensefield 感野 is a biennial exhibition that addresses contemporary issues through experimental ethnographic art. The 2023 curatorial theme plays with the phrase HODL, a mantra among crypto enthusiasts denoting a long-term approach to investing, which takes us to the intersection of art, anthropology, finance, and technology. Our show brings together artists who work with lost sounds, edible viruses, virtual sanctuaries of mourning, and computer gardening, blockchain politics, and healing histories. Their projects offer hope and possibility, but also hold inescapable perils, challenges, and contradictions. Throughout March and April, we invite you to join us for our online exhibition and a series of art workshops and training clinics. Each week you will encounter new ways to use digital technologies to create, sustain, and re-imagine a diverse network of relations. You will meet artists and experts who ask you to creatively re-imagine your own relationships and responsibilities, and think critically about what it means to be in a community with others. Our hope is that in the course of these sessions, we will activate relationships that extend beyond the exhibit, providing community and companionship as we work together to craft better futures. Sensefield 2023 is organized by Tinyverse NPO, in collaboration with the Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival (TIEFF) and the Taiwan Association of Visual Ethnography (TAVE). Sponsored by Taiwan Ministry of Culture.

Visual Design Concept

In the past three years, we have experienced a lot of turbulence and unrest, and we have fought against the invasion of the virus together. However, this has also given us the opportunity to slow down and reflect on ourselves, and to accumulate energy. In March 2023, on the sensory field, the silent energy broke through the long night and danced with the spring-like colors of green willows and red flowers. Spring is the beginning of the year and also the starting point for us to embrace a new life after the epidemic. Different voices and issues collide and intersect from different perspectives here, gradually outlining the main visual of this exhibition.

Exhibition Posts